Eco-friendly Loose Fill Shredded Cardboard Packaging Protection (Recycled Cardboard) 1KG


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😍Green Alternative to Bubble Wrap
👍Paper products, Recycle, No pollution source

🌱 Protecting light to medium weight products during transit.
🌱 The soft paper pad can also protect the surface of the product from scratches.
🌱 Great ECO alternative for Void-fill.
🌱 Good cushioning performance.
🌱 Stretchy and workable packaging material


🌱 在运输过程中保护轻到中等重量的产品
🌱 柔軟紙墊也能保護商品表面不刮傷碰損。
🌱 空隙填充的绝佳环保替代品
🌱 缓冲性能佳
🌱 可伸缩及好用的包装材料

1. Please take note that the Maximum width of shredded cardboard is 17.5inch/45cm.
2. It is made from recycled cardboard, so may occasionally contain shredded printing logos / labels (as per photo).

1. 碎纸板的最大宽度为 17.5 英寸/45 厘米。
2. 它是由回收纸板制成,因此可能偶尔会包含印刷标志/标签(如照片所示)。

Total Product Weight/总重量: 1KG (Approximately 5pcs of 23″x17″)

📢📢FREE DELIVERY with minimum purchase 5KG & above (Only for Penang & Butterworth)
Please contact / whatsapp 012-5075145

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 23 × 17 cm
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